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Residencia | Wayne LIU

Wayne Liu participa de nuestro programa de residencia durante Noviembre de 2019 como parte del programa OFF SITE PROJECT 4 - POLITICAL IMAGINATION ARGENTINA curado por Chun-Chi Wang y producido por IDOLON STUDIO. El programa cuenta con el apoyo del Ministerio de Cultura de Taiwan.

About the artist

1979, Taiwan.
Wayne Liu has spent his life transitioning back and forth between Taiwan, his birth country, and the USA. His connection with and confusion about both culture and location informs his work, as does his sense that he is truly migrant and never immigrant. He makes installations of photo based works that challenge assumptions of and tell stories about our notions of memory, history and the photographic process itself.


Research project in Argentina

Initially I was thinking about the small Taiwanese and Chinese immigrant communities in Buenos Aires as an ongoing story of Argentine immigration history that extends back to the Spanish invasion and later Italian, Welsh, German, Jewish migrations, as displayed in the Hotel de Immigrants museum. Then I’d read about the controversial Chinese satellite tracking station opening last year in northern Patagonia, and extended my interests to the global flow of Chinese investments in Argentina and the US response, in midst of the trade war, and a potential space war. I was attracted to the image of a space oddity in the middle of the desert and near an expansive oil and gas fracking site.

This got me thinking about the speculative relations of earth extraction and mining on the moon. Viewing the location through Google Maps, I was reminded of the desert landscapes of west Texas, which incidentally is the origin of the fracking industry, and also the film location of Paris, Texas, a German parable on earthly alienation. The space between the earth and the moon, between geology and astronomy were topics I was interested in as a child- I’d wanted to be an archaeologist or astronomer in grade school. So this research project also functions as a mining of my childhood desires.

From these perspectives, I’ll explore the small towns and landscapes in northern Patagonia, and engage with various local people’s understandings of the geological land formations. Besides human communications, I plan to observe and document the living flora and fauna in the desert ecosystem while thinking of extinction as reflected in dinosaur fossils located also in the region. Through these encounters, note taking and documentations, I hope to conceive an alternative way of understanding our relations to the world, as emigrants and immigrants.

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