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Residencia | Taiwan Off-Site Project

Off - Site Project
Photography and political imagination in Argentina

Project supported by the Taiwan Ministry of Culture.
Produced by IDOLON studio.

Curator: Chun-chi WANG

Ting-Ting CHENG
Chaong-Wen TING
Wayne LIU

Off - Site project is conceptualised as a research period where participants will reflect on history and the construction of the self in reference to economic, social, political, and historical conditions. Starting out from the standpoint of the settler colony, the invited artists are encouraged to look for some questions in the public space of a given city. The artists completed their works by changing the positions of their own bodies, pursuing site-specific themes from the vantage points of different cultural backgrounds, exploring, studying, blending into and coming to understand this locality. Argentine writer Ernesto Sabato reflected on the nature of the culture of Argentina as follows: “With the primitive Hispanic American reality fractured in La Plata Basin due to immigration, its inhabitants have come to be somewhat dual with all the dangers but also with all the advantages of that condition: because of our European roots, we deeply link the nation with the Enduring values of the Old World; because of our condition of Americans we link ourselves to the rest of the continent, through the folklore of the interior and the old Castilian that unifies us, feeling somehow the vocation of the Patria Grande San Martín and Bolívar once Imagined.” —Ernesto Sabato, La cultura en la encrucijada nacional (1976).

In the “Off - Site Project 4_Photography, and political imagination_Argentina”, curator Chun-chi WANG invited three artists: Ting-ting CHENG, TING Chaong-wen and Wayne LIU to be in Buenos Aires. They attempt to explore in three different perspectives of memory, place and narrative about Argentina and conducted field surveys, interviews and various forms of social interaction. Wayne LIU is interesting on issues about geological and cosmo- logical dimensions, he’ll explore the small towns and landscapes in northern Patagonia, and engage with various local people's understandings of the geological land formations. TING Chaong-wen's research project revolves Argentina’s magical realist literature along with its effects on Cinéma of verité, exploring modern histories about nations, traumas, political violence and memories of existence. Ting-ting CHENG would like to discuss La Boca, it has a long history of immigrants, arts and social movements.

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