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Residencia | Nelson Crespo

Nelson Crespo

I’m a visual artist and educator based in London, where I have lived since 2003. Presently I’m the Digital Media Coordinator at Central Saint Martins where I lead the Digital Media department. In my department we teach, research and specialize in the use of technology such as creative coding/programming, intelligent digital manufacturing, and visualization, VR/AR and Robotics/Physical Computing and Animation. Over the years I have developed enduring partnerships for knowledge exchange and corporate sponsorship projects with Google, YouTube, Nowness, the LVMH Group, Vivendi, Factum Arte Madrid, IED Innovation LAB Madrid and LOOP Festival Barcelona.
I was creator in residency at Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo in 2012 and in Artist in Residence at FAAP, São Paulo in 2015. From 2007 to 2016 I was the Trustee of the London-based artist book publisher Bookworks. From 2004 to 2012 I was part of the Collection Care team at the Tate Gallery in London. I have exhibited my work in solo and group shows across Europe, Japan and Brazil.

Mixed reality making: a social experiment

The digital art residency at cheLA is an opportunity to immerse myself in a making environment with strong ties to artistic production and academic research. I intend to explore the relationship between start-up and incubator programs in emerging technologies, research and production.

My aim is to explore new technologies that allow the artist and designer the engage in speculative practice by using digital imaging, 3D modelling and virtual/augmented reality workflows that enhance the concept of “studio” or physical workspace. I will focus on mixed reality making processes using the HoloLens and Fologram technology, generating visual content, exploring parametric design, 3D modelling, photogrammetry and digital fabrication workflows in the context of art and design fabrication and studio practice.

Mixed reality making has the ability to democratize the realization of complex projects with intricate shapes and forms and the introduction of 3D modelling and holographic making to the artistic production. By harnessing these emerging technologies we are able to expand our network of collaborators, release ourselves form the limitations of having to rely on physical space to generate work and to create sustainably.

I will primarily be focusing my research on learning more about traditional craft techniques used in Argentina, exploring the richness in cultures and natural resources that are under threat from climate change, economic factors, rapid urbanization and globalization. I am to study traditional woodworking, house building or weaving techniques that are unique to Argentina and test if mixed reality making technology can be become a medium that sustains and preserves these crafts.

Nelson Crespo participa del programa de residencias durante Diciembre 2019 con el apoyo de Central Saint Martins. 

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