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Media & Machine Learning para Experiencias Inmersivas

Media & Machine Learning para experiencias inmersivas:
TouchDesigner & Algorithms
workshop internacional organizado por
cheLA en asociación con The Interactive & Immersive HQ y RunwayML
Buenos Aires fecha a confirmar

Como las fechas de este taller en cheLA están pendientes, Elburz Sorkhabi y Jared J. Stein llevará a cabo una discusión introductoria gratuita en línea de 1 hora, seguida de Preguntas y Respuestas, el 25 de mayo a las 14:00 GMT-3. Para más detalles, visite

Por favor, envia un email a: para recibir información de programación actualizada, así como una descripción completa del taller, incluida información sobre requisitos previos, inscripción, preparación, objetivos, horarios diarios y viajes a Buenos Aires.

Media & Machine Learning for Immersive Experiences:
TouchDesigner & Algorithms
international workshop organized by
cheLA in association with The Interactive & Immersive HQ and RunwayML
Buenos Aires Week of: To Be Determined.

As the dates of this workshop at cheLA are pending, Elburz Sorkhabi and Jared J. Stein will be conducting a free 1-hour online introductory discussion, followed by a Q&A, on May 25 at 14:00 GMT-3. For details, visit

Algorithmically controlled immersive installations, projections on skyscrapers generated by social-media APIs, performances mixing images and sounds of audiences in real time more and more, real-world relationships between media and data are expanding the palette of digital creation. This four-day intensive training laboratory will lead participants from the cultural, arts and commercial sectors along the process of building immersive, media-enabled experiences with algorithmically driven environments and real-time interaction between people, media, space and machine-learning systems. The process will conclude with a showcase of the work-in-progress for feedback from an invited audience.

While receiving advanced hands-on training in Derivative’s TouchDesigner and the integration of machine-learning systems, using Runway ML, from Elburz Sorkhabi (The Interactive & Immersive HQ and nVoid), participants will be guided by cheLA resident artist Jared J. Stein to consider significant milestones in the development of global storytelling, performance, visual and installation art and parallels with contemporary uses of media and systems, and to incorporate their own innovations on these themes. Combining Elburz’s expertise in developing high-end interactive and immersive experiences using TouchDesigner and Jared’s decades of experience merging media and narrative and artistic foundations from around the world, the process will foster the conception, revision and demonstration of experimental works-in-progress, prototypes for next-level experiences and events. (Participants without TouchDesigner experience are required to complete the Monday Introductory TouchDesigner Skills Intensive.)

Monday, Introductory TouchDesigner Skills Intensive
(optional for participants with TouchDesigner experience)
This full-day workshop will equip participants to use TouchDesigner. From one of the world’s preeminent authorities, Elburz Sorkhabi, they will learn about the TouchDesigner paradigm, its six operator families, and the basics of real-time generative content, and by the end of the day, begin building logic systems to control immersive experiences, and have the foundational skills to participate in Media & Machine Learning for Immersive Experiences.
Monday-Friday Instruction will occur with English-to-Spanish consecutive interpretation. Both individuals and teams (representing theatre/dance companies, museums, firms, agencies, etc.) are encouraged to attend. Participants are free to attend with a project in mind to be developed further at the laboratory (e.g., scenography design, museum installation, pavilion for product promotion) or to develop or contribute to new design concepts during the laboratory process.

Please email to receive updated scheduling information, as well as a full description of the workshop, including information about prerequisites, enrollment, preparation, objectives, daily schedules, and Buenos Aires travel.



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